Operator Music Band – Slim Spin

Brooklyn-based synth-rock groovers Operator Music Band are back with their new album Duo Duo. I’ve worked with them a few times over the years – mixing and mastering the Coordination EP and Puzzlephonics I & II – and I was thrilled to dig deeper with them on this one.  In many ways, it’s their first “proper” LP, and it stands as the culmination of all of the recorded experiments and incredibly tight live shows to date. I worked on production and recording (alongside Henry Terepka, Lorenzo Wolff, and the band), and mixed the record over the winter at Studio Windows.   Check out their first single “Slim Spin” below, read the reviews on Brooklyn Vegan and Pop Bollocks, and keep an eye out for more soon to come.  Duo Duo is out September 20 on Broken Circles.

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