Psych-rock explorers Quicksilver Daydream have released their new album Fly Oblivion!  I produced the album with the band, recording it at Seaside Lounge and mixing at Studio Windows, and Josh Bonati did a stunning master.  We went deep into the arrangements, experimenting with synthesizers, processed vocals and ambient textures to augment this strong selection of songs.  I’m super proud of the work we created here – “Hang On” is a particular favorite.  Fly Oblivion is out now – purchase the gorgeous LP direct from Bandcamp and stream it below.


NYC noise-rock duo ESSi have announced their debut album Vital Creatures.  I recorded it with them at Thump and mixed/mastered at Studio Windows – it’s a truly strange and beautiful record, super dense and ambitious, especially considering it was generated mostly live by two people.  The first single ‘Pines and Cones’ is streaming below; Vital Creatures comes out October 11 via Ramp Local.

Everyone’s favorite Cantonese-speaking guitar/bass duo Gong Gong Gong is back!  Stereogum premiered “Notes Underground”, the first single from the group’s debut album Phantom Rhythm, and it’s a ripper.  I produced the LP with the group, recording it at Seaside Lounge and mixing at Studio Windows, and couldn’t be happier to see this incredibly unique album coming out into the world.  Phantom Rhythm comes out October 4 via Wharf Cat Records.

Philadelphia basement-pop auteurs Honey Radar are back with Ruby Puff of Dust!  I’ve known Jason for years, have been a fan since he first handed me a CD-R of their debut Chain Smoking on Easter, and this new one certainly does not disappoint.  I mastered the new LP last year at Studio Windows, and it has already received glowing reviews from Allmusic (Editor’s Choice!), Brooklyn Vegan, The 13th Track, and more.  Ruby Puff of Dust is out now on What’s Your Rupture? – stream it below and pick it up on their Bandcamp.

Brooklyn-based synth-rock groovers Operator Music Band are back with their new album Duo Duo. I’ve worked with them a few times over the years – mixing and mastering the Coordination EP and Puzzlephonics I & II – and I was thrilled to dig deeper with them on this one.  In many ways, it’s their first “proper” LP, and it stands as the culmination of all of the recorded experiments and incredibly tight live shows to date. I worked on production and recording (alongside Henry Terepka, Lorenzo Wolff, and the band), and mixed the record over the winter at Studio Windows.   Check out their first single “Slim Spin” below, read the reviews on Brooklyn Vegan and Pop Bollocks, and keep an eye out for more soon to come.  Duo Duo is out September 20 on Broken Circles.

NYC psych/folk/rockers Quicksilver Daydream have announced their new LP Fly Oblivion, due August 9.  I am truly proud of this album – it is one of those times where the ideas and conversations going into a record are not only realized but transcended into something greater than could have been imagined.  I produced the affair, recording the band at Seaside Lounge and mixing at Studio Windows, adding synths and backing vocals along the way.  Josh Bonati did mastered the album, bringing the whole thing to another level.  The first single “Warmth of Other Suns” premiered on  Glide Magazine, which should give listeners a taste of the expanse of this record.  Stream it below, and pre-order the LP from the group’s Bandcamp page.