Jonathan Schenke has worked on hundreds of records, from recording and mixing, to production and performance, to mastering and restoration.  He has made albums using a variety of software, on a myriad of tape machines (from 2 to 24 tracks, cassette to 2″ tape), and in locations around the world ranging from state-of-the-art studios to practice spaces, living rooms, and warehouses.  Jonathan co-owns and operates Studio Windows in Brooklyn, NY.


Upcoming Releases:

Arthur MoonChaos! Chaos! Chaos! Side B (Switch Hit Records, 2023) [mixing – two songs]

WomboSlab EP (Fire Talk, 2023) [mixing]

May RioFrench Bath (Dots Per Inch Music, 2023) [recording, editing]

Big BlissVital Return (Good Eye Records, 2023) [production, recording, mixing]

A. Savage – LP [additional recording]

Gift Horse – LP [composition, performance, production, recording, mixing, mastering]

Content Blocks – EP [mixing]

Pets – EP [composition, performance, production, recording, mixing, mastering]

Why Bonnie – LP [production, recording, mixing]

Maxband – LP [production, recording, mixing]

Adam Lytle – LP [mixing, mastering]

Available Now:

Foyer RedYarn The Hours Away (Carpark Records, 2023) [production, recording, mixing]

Sam ZaltaMemento Mori (2023) [mixing, mastering]

P.E. – NOPE Tapes Vol. 2 (Wharf Cat, 2023) [composition, performance, mixing, mastering]

The Umlauts – Another Fact Remixes [“Non è Ancora (P.E.’s Infinita Remix)”]

Constant SmilesKenneth Anger (Sacred Bones, 2023) [mixing, mastering]

Blair Gun – Blaspheme Queen (Sonablast, 2023) [mastering]

KolezankaAlone With The Sound The Mind Makes (Bar None, 2023) [mixing, mastering]

Slow FictionSlow Fiction EP (2023) [mixing, mastering]

P.E.NOPE Tapes Vol 1 (Wharf Cat, 2023) [composition, performance, mixing, mastering]

Why Bonnie – “Apple Tree” (Keeled Scales, 2023) [mixing, mastering, additional production, additional recording]

Nation Of Language“Ground Control” (2022) [production, recording, mixing]

Buzz KullFascination (Avant, 2022) [mixing, mastering]

KT LaineKnock Knee (Victory Pool, 2022) [mixing, mastering]

Nation Of Language“Again And Again” (2022) [production, recording, mixing]

Chris Campisi/Tripp Duncan – Be Here How EP [mixing, mastering]

Big Bliss – “Sleep Paralysis” (2022) [production, recording, mixing, mastering]

Foyer Red – “Pollen City” (2022) [recording, mixing, mastering]

Peter Horton – Waves Of A Lifetime (2022) [mastering]

Living HourSomeday Is Today (Kanine, 2022) [production, mixing – 4 songs]

Why Bonnie90 In November (Keeled Scales, 2022) [mixing, mastering, additional production, additional recording]

Cole Anyway – Days Off/On Hold (2022) [mastering]

White WoollyDrop Dead, Gorgeous (Sonablast, 2022) [mastering]

KT Laine – “Dumpster Fire” (Victory Pool, 2022) [mixing, mastering]

WomboFairy Rust (Fire Talk, 2022) [mastering]

Foyer Red – “Pickles” (2022) [recording, mixing, mastering]

Yonatan Gat + Medicine Singers – Medicine Singers (Joyful Noise/Stone Tapes, 2022) [mixing, additional production]

Paul Jacobs185 On The Corner EP (Bonsound, 2022) [mastering]

Foyer Red – “Flipper” (2022) [recording, mixing, mastering]

LIARS – “My Pulse To Ponder (P.E.’s I Gotcha! Remix)” (MUTE, 2022) [remixing]

Turbo World – My Challenger (Ramp Local, 2022) [mastering]

Deather – Kill/Power (2022) [mixing/mastering]

P.E. – The Leather Lemon (Wharf Cat, 2022) [composition, performance, production, recording, mixing, mastering]

Crustacean Committee – Crustacean Committee (2022) [mastering]

The S-ft F-cus – Lousy W’ Love (2022) [mastering]

Zebediah – Happy Fun Time EP (Our Friend Irving, 2022) [mastering]

Absolute Purity – We Fought Over The Moon (Ruby Eyes, 2022) [mixing]

Grim StreakerMind EP (Mothland, 2022) [production, recording, mixing, mastering]

Deather – Touch/Down (2022) [mixing, mastering]

Catcher – The Fat Of A Broken Heart (2022) [mixing, mastering]

DeatherSatan/Death (2022) [mixing, mastering]

Operator Music BandDeep Break EP (2022) [mixing, mastering]

Jeff Tobias – Recurring Dream (Strategy of Tension, 2022) [mixing]

Wombo – One Of These Days (Fire Talk, 2021) [mixing, mastering]

Why Bonnie – Galveston (Fat Possum, 2021) [mixing, additional production, additional recording, mastering]

Namesake (fka Honduras) – Redeeming Features (Get Better, 2021) [production, recording, mixing, mastering]

Foyer Red – Zigzag Wombat (Terrible Records, 2021) [mastering]

Pop. 1280Museum On The Horizon (Profound Lore, 2021) [production, recording, mixing]

Conor Kenahan – Reverie (2021) [mastering]

P.E.The Reason For My Love EP (Wharf Cat, 2021) [composition, performance, production, recording, mixing, mastering]

LiarsThe Apple Drop (Mute, 2021) [mixing, additional production]

BRNDADo You Like Salt? (Crafted Sounds, 2021) [mixing, mastering]

S.P.U.D. – Dumb Show (Just Step Sideways, 2021) [mastering]

Media JewelerThe Sublime Sculpture Of Being Alive (Fire Talk, 2021) [mastering]

Nana Yamato – Before Sunrise (In Tokyo) (Big Love Records, 2021) [production, mixing, mastering, additional synths & percussion]

Gong Gong Gong – Phantom Rhythm Remixed (Wharf Cat, 2021) [Ride Your Horse – ‘Steel, Mortar, Style, Fun’ Remix by P.E.]

Spazm – Mars 2112 de Chiffon (2021) [mastering]

Chronic TanRealismo (2021) [production, recording, mixing, mastering]

Wombo – Keesh Mountain EP (Fire Talk, 2021) [mixing, mastering]

Space Sluts – “Side Bitch” (2021) [mastering]

Extra Special – “Johnny Got Lost” (2021) [mastering]

Proper Nouns – Feel Free (Phone Booth, 2021) [mastering]

Tom Sanders – Only Remixes (Moshi Moshi, 2021) [Tom Quixote – ‘Hey, Bye’ Remix by P.E.]

Nana Yamato – Before Sunrise (Big Love/Dull Tools, 2021) [production, mixing, mastering, additional synths & percussion]

Magical Beats – Hypnotic Dirges (2021) [mastering]

Cole Anyway – Sitting With Stillness (2021) [mastering]

ProtomartyrSecurity By Shadows (2020) [recording, mixing, mastering]

Parquet Courts – Hey Bug (What’s Your Rupture, 2020) [co-production, recording, mixing]

Thomas Seeley – EP (2020) [mixing, mastering]

Jason Kelly – Letting Go Again (2020) [mixing]

Peter Horton – Spirit of Inquiry (2020) [mastering]

P.E. – I Wanna Be Your Dog, Boy (Wharf Cat, 2020) [performance, production, recording, mixing, mastering]

Girl TalkFeed The Animals & All Day (Illegal Art, 2020) [remastering]

Jha Bones – Materiel EP (2020) [mixing, mastering]

P.E. – Sick, Sad, Fun! (Wharf Cat, 2020) [composition, performance, production, recording, mixing, mastering]

Jeni Schapire – What’s In A Name EP (2020) [mixing, mastering]

A. Swayze & The GhostsPaid Salvation (Ivy League, 2020) [mixing, mastering]

BrandyThe Gift of Repetition (Total Punk, 2020) [production, recording, mixing]

Chris Campisi – Milk Everything (2020) [mastering]

Regel Sabres – The Body Will Die EP (2020) [mastering]

Kyp Malone’s Rainbow Love MachineMake Love Standing b/w Summer Song (2020) [mastering]

PotteryWelcome to Bobby’s Motel (Partisan, 2020) [production, recording, mixing]

Dougie PooleFreelancer’s Blues (Wharf Cat, 2020) [production, recording, mixing]

Future Punx2020 [recording, additional mixing]

Public PracticeGentle Grip (Wharf Cat, 2020) [production, recording, mixing – 6 songs]

EatersArmonica (2020) [composition, performance, production, recording, mixing, mastering]

SurfbortApocalypse Care Package EP (2020) [mix, master]

Lightning Bug – October Song (Fat Possum, 2020) [mastering]

P.E.Person (Wharf Cat, 2020) [composition, performance, production, recording, mixing, mastering]

Surf Harp – Remixter Big Picture (2020) [mastering]

Machinegum – Conduit (Frenchkiss, 2019) [mixing]

Patio – “Reality State” (Fire Talk, 2019) [mastering]

Scully – Encounters (Fire Talk, 2019) [mastering]

Buzz Kull – “Last In The Club” (Avant, 2019) [mixing, mastering, additional production]

David Brant – Deleted [mastering]

Gong Gong GongPhantom Rhythm (Wharf Cat, 2019) [production, recording, mixing]

Sister Grim – The Death of Young Skinny (2019) [mastering]

Public Practice“Disposable” b/w “Extra Ordinary” (Wharf Cat, 2019) [production, recording, mixing, mastering]

EssiVital Creatures (Ramp Local, 2019) [production, recording, mixing, mastering]

Weeping Icon – Weeping Icon (Fire Talk, 2019) [mastering]

Desert Sharks – Baby’s Gold Death Stadium (Substitute Scene, 2019) [mixing, mastering]

Operator Music BandDuo Duo (Broken Circles, 2019) [production, recording, mixing]

Jessica Ackerley – A New Kind of Water (2019) [mastering]

Quicksilver DaydreamFly Oblivion (2019) [production, recording, mixing]

Alexander BartonKiss Mary Kill 7″ [recording, mixing]

UV-TV – Happy (Deranged Records, 2019) [mastering]

Honey RadarRuby Puff of Dust (What’s Your Rupture, 2019) [mastering]

DehdWater (Fire Talk, 2019) [mastering]

SurfbortYou Don’t Exist (Modern Sky, 2019)  [production, recording, mixing, mastering]

Brett Smiley – Sunset Tower (What’s Your Rupture, 2019) [restoration, mastering]

Alex Zhang HungtaiAugust at Akiko’s OST (Factory25, 2019) [mixing, mastering]

A. Swayze & The GhostsSuddenly b/w Reciprocation (Rough Trade, 2019) [mixing, mastering]

SurfbortBilly EP (Muddguts, 2019) [production, recording, mixing, mastering]

PoppiesBed Music (Danger Collective, 2019) [mixing, mastering]

Ice BalloonsBody in the Park/Bicky Do Down (Muddguts, 2019) [recording, mixing, mastering]

Gong Gong Gong – “Down Quantity Road” (from Flasher/Public Practice split) (Wharf Cat, 2018) [production, recording, mixing, mastering]

Buzz KullNew Kind of Cross (Funeral Party/Burning Rose, 2018) [mixing, mastering, additional production]

Gong Gong GongSiren 7″ (Wharf Cat, 2018) [production, recording, mixing, mastering]

The MenHated: 2008-2011 (Sacred Bones, 2018) [mastering, tape transfers/restoration]

Chris Campisi – Nobody’s Home (2018) [mixing, mastering]

WooingThe Clouds EP (Kanine, 2018) [recording]

SurfbortFriendship Music (Cult Records/Fat Possum, 2018) [production, recording, mixing, mastering]

GnarcissistsEP (Bliss NYC, 2018) [mixing/mastering]

Bear Hands – “Why” (Amazon Originals, 2018) [production, recording, mixing]

BodegaEndless Scroll (What’s Your Rupture, 2018) [mixing, mastering, additional recording]

Bodega – Witness Scroll (Live) (What’s Your Rupture, 2018) [mixing, mastering]

Eaters – “Finland” on S&S Presents: Dreams (Cascine, 2018) [composition, performance, production, recording, mixing, mastering]

Snail MailLush (Matador, 2018) [recording, cooking]

Parquet CourtsWide Awake! (Rough Trade, 2018) [additional recording]

Yonatan GatUniversalists (Joyful Noise, 2018) [mixing – 2 songs]

The Men – “Shimmer and Shine” on ACLU Benefit Compilation (Wharf Cat, 2018) [mixing]

The Men – Drift (Sacred Bones, 2018) [additional recording]

SurfbortRomance 7″ (Cult Records, 2018) [mastering]

Strange NamesData (Frenchkiss, 2018) [mixing]

Surf HarpMr Big Picture (Friends Records, 2018) [mastering]

Regel Sabras – Efes (2018) [mastering]

Acid Dad7″ (Greenway, 2017) [production, recording, mixing]

Operator Music BandCoordination EP (New Professor Music, 2017) [mixing, mastering]

Dream Police – Revenge (Sacred Bones, 2017) [mastering]

Ice BalloonsFiesta (Volar, 2017) [recording, mixing, mastering]

The Drums“Abysmal Thoughts” (Anti-, 2017) [recording, mixing]

Eaters – Eaters (Dull Tools, 2017) [performance, production, recording, mixing, mastering]

Tica DouglasOur Lady Star of the Sea… (Team Love, 2017) [mixing, mastering]

Gold Dime – Nerves (Fire Talk, 2017) [mixing]

TelecomoFor Sale [recording, mixing, mastering]

Love Theme – S/T (Alter, 2017) [mastering]

HDLSS – Selections from Dumb (2017) [mastering]

Buzz KullChroma (Burning Rose, 2017) [co-production, mixing, mastering]

The TillsCanon (Phuzz, 2017) [mastering]

Fucked UpYear of the Snake (Tank Crimes, 2017) [mastering]

Parquet CourtsCaptive of the Sun 12″ (Rough Trade, 2017) [remix]

PC WorshipBuried Wish (Northern Spy, 2017) [mastering]

Operator Music BandPuzzlephonics I & II (New Professor Music, 2017) [mixing, mastering]

Dark Tea – Dark Tea (2017) [mastering]

Behave!SACASA [production, recording, mixing, mastering]

Frankie Rose“Sorrow Strings” (Grey Market, 2017) [remixing]

Brian Chillemi – “Child of the Earth” (2017) [mastering]

The BritanysFive A Side EP (2017) [production, recording, mixing, mastering]

Turn to CrimeSecondary (Mugg and Bopp, 2017) [mixing]

Dougie PooleWide Ass Highway (JMC Aggregate, 2017) [mixing, mastering]

EatersPrisms (2016) [performance, production, recording, mixing, mastering]

The MenDevil Music (We Are The Men/Sacred Bones, 2016) [mixing, mastering]

Shop Talk – Shop Talk (Brainbox Records, 2016) [additional recording, mixing, mastering]

TournamentTake the Wheel EP (Colonel Records, 2016) [mixing, mastering]

Parquet Courts Performing Human EP (Rough Trade, 2016) [mixing, re-mixing, mastering]

Kel Valhaal – New Introductory Lectures… (YLYLCYN, 2016) [vocal recording, mixing]

Holly Overton – The Split EP [recording, mixing, mastering]

Alex Zhang-Hungtai, David Maranha, Gabriel Ferrandini – Ancora (Grain of Sound, 2016) [mixing, mastering]

Alex Zhang-HungtaiKnave of Hearts (Ascetic House, 2016) [mastering]

AntibodiesVessels EP (Don Giovanni, 2016) [mastering]

Brian Chillemi – I Went to Town EP (Time Castle Recordings, 2016) [mastering]

Alex Rose – Grandmothers/Coattails (House of Feelings, 2016) [mastering]

Cloud Becomes Your HandRest in Fleas (Northern Spy, 2016) [mixing, mastering]

Honey RadarBlank Cartoon (What’s Your Rupture?, 2016) [mastering]

MPHOMidnight People [recording, mixing, mastering]

Awards Banquet – If Not Now Then Summer (Scioto Records) [mastering]

Andy C. JenkinsLazy Coast 7″ (Paper Brigade, 2016) [mixing, mastering]

Barry London – T.I.R.M.L. (Decontrol, 2016) [mastering]

VBAWill It Still Be There EP (Asa Wa Kuru, 2016) [recording, mixing]

HondurasGathering Rust (2016) [production, recording, mixing, mastering]

PCPC – Ramsgate (Dull Tools, 2016) [mixing, mastering]

Jordonna – The Wallet (2016) [mixing, mastering]

Bronze FloatStandard Final Candle (Third Uncle, 2016) [mixing, mastering]

PC WorshipBasement Hysteria (Northern Spy, 2015) [mixing, mastering]

[Cease and Desist] DIY! (Cult Classics From the Post-Punk Era 1978-82) (Optimo Music, 2015) [restoration, remastering]

Parquet CourtsMonastic Living (Rough Trade, 2015) [mixing, mastering]

Dan FrielLife (Thrill Jockey, 2015) [mixing]

Junk BoysLP [recording, mixing, mastering]

Holly Overton – s/t EP (2015) [recording, mixing, mastering]

Polly HiDeceleration [mastering]

LushesService Industry (Felte, 2015) [synths, treatments]

HondurasRituals (Black Bell, 2015) [production, recording, mixing, mastering]

Yvette – Time Management EP (Godmode, 2015) [mastering]

MPHO – T.I.G.H.T. EP (2015) [mixing, mastering]

HumeyshaHumeysha (Camp & Street, 2015) [mastering]

Magical Beasts – When I Held the Blue Jewel of My Heart (2015) [mastering]

Fort LeanQuiet Day (Ooh-La-La, 2015) [additional mixing]

Soft LitSoft Lit EP (Godmode, 2015) [mastering]

Fitness – Fitness EP (Godmode, 2015) [mastering]

Hand of God – Int’l Shipping EP (Godmode, 2015) [mastering]

Fasano – The Beach EP (Godmode, 2015) [mastering]

Gregory Stovetop – Tencent Truelove (2015) [mastering]

EatersMoment of Inertia EP (Driftless Recordings, 2015) [performance, production, recording, mixing, mastering]

Rat ColumnsDo You Remember Real Pain? EP (Adagio 830, 2015) [mixing, mastering]

The Sunday PaintersSomething to Do, 4th Annual Report (What’s Your Rupture?, 2015) [remastering]

How to Be ToppInvisible EP (2015) [mastering]

Caroline McCarterYoga RX (2015) [mastering]

LiturgyThe Ark Work (Thrill Jockey, 2015) [recording, mixing]

Various Artists – American Music (Godmode, 2015) [mastering]

Railings – Until the Making EP (2015) [mastering]

Junk BoysEP (2015) [recording, mixing, mastering]

Pocket HerculesPocket Hercules (Seagreen Records, 2015) [recording, mixing, mastering]

Beech CreepsBeech Creeps (Monofonus Press, 2015) [recording, mixing, mastering]

Lightning Bug – Floaters (2015) [mastering]

Hums and Haws – Wondering Home (2015) [mixing, mastering]

Nuclear Santa Claust Je Ne Sais Claust (Don Giovanni Records, 2015) [recording, mixing, mastering]

The Sunday PaintersIn My Dreams (What’s Your Rupture?, 2015) [remastering]

Parquet CourtsContent Nausea (What’s Your Rupture/Rough Trade, 2014) [recording, mixing – 3 songs]

Buzz Kull – “Dreams” (Fabrika Records, 2014) [mixing, mastering]

Fa Bonx – 49 Stick b/w Tramps Jamble (What’s Your Rupture, 2014) [mixing, mastering]

Future Punx I’m So Inspired EP (Dull Tools, 2014) [mixing, mastering]

Parquet Courts/Future PunxLAMC #13 (Famous Class, 2014) [mastering (all); co-production, recording, mixing (Parquet Courts)]

Jungle Green – Jungle Green Meets the Blood Sisters (2014) [mastering]

PC WorshipSocial Rust (Northern Spy/Dull Tools, 2014) [co-production, mixing, mastering]

Dream Police – Hypnotized (Sacred Bones, 2014) [mixing]

MazesWooden Aquarium (Fat Cat, 2014) [production, recording, mixing]

Parquet CourtsSunbathing Animal (What’s Your Rupture/Rough Trade, 2014) [co-production, recording, mixing]

Bordeaux – Shhh EP (2014) [mastering]

Jungle GreenOh Mary 7″ (2014) [mastering]

Vibrant LightLust for Mortality EP (Psychic Trouble Tapes, 2014) [mastering]

EatersEaters (Driftless Recordings / Dull Tools, 2014) [performance, co-production, recording, mixing, mastering]

Beverly – Careers (Kanine Records, 2014) [recording]

Mannequin Pussy – Gypsy Pervert (Tiny Engines, 2014) [mixing]

Fennec – Let Your Heart Break (2014) [mastering]

Railings – Reach House EP (2014) [mastering]

She Speaks in Tongues – Gloria, GUITAR (2014) [mastering]

Parquet Courts – Tally All the Things That You Broke EP (What’s Your Rupture/Mom + Pop, 2013) [c0-production, recording, mixing, mastering]

Future Punx – 999/Livin in a Movie 7″ (Dull Tools, 2013) [additional recording, mixing, mastering]

Christine Hoberg – World Within (2013) [mixing]

Fa Bonx – Jilto Boy b/w The Rinda 7″ (What’s Your Rupture?, 2014) [mixing, mastering]

Forest Fire – Screens (Fat Cat, 2013) [production, recording, mixing]

Wild LeavesWind & Rain EP (self-released, 2013) [recording, mixing]

Sweet Talk – Pickup Lines (12XU, 2013) [mixing]

Jungle Green – Twelve-and-a-half Minutes of the Most Beautiful Love Songs Ever Written EP (Kingfisher Bluez, 2013) [mastering]

Maxel Toft32 (2013) [mastering]

The Clams – The Clams EP (2013) [mastering]

The Warmbloods – The Warmbloods (2013) [mastering]

Vibrant LightMatters of Faith EP (Psychic Troubles Tapes, 2013) [mastering]

Thin HymnsBlack Water EP (Sanzimat, 2013) [mastering]

Steep Leans – EP [recording]

Fort LeanChange Your Name EP (self-released, 2012) [recording]

Solange – Losing You 12″ (Terrible Records, 2012) [mix assistant]

The I Ching Quartet – Everybody All Together (2012) [mastering]

Psychic Boots – Rosenwasser (2012) [mastering]

The Keepsies – Dumb Fun, She Was My Baby, and Whenever (Chrome Waves, 2012) [mixing, mastering]

WiccansField II (Katorga Works/Hardware, 2012) [mixing]

Cacaw – Bat Skin Robes (Rotted Tooth Recordings, 2012) [mastering]

Parquet CourtsLight Up Gold (Dull Tools/What’s Your Rupture?, 2012) [recording, mixing, mastering]

Fergus & Geronimo – Funky Was the State of Affairs (Hardly Art, 2012) [recording, co-production]

Junk CultureWild Quiet (Illegal Art, 2012) [mixing, mastering]

TJ MillerThe Extended Play Remixes (Illegal Art, 2012) [mastering]

Starring – ABCDEFG…. (Northern Spy, 2012) [recording]

Reggie WattsA “Live” in Central Park (Comedy Central Records, 2012) [mixing, mastering]

NT – ISNT EP (2012) [mixing, mastering]

Unmanned Ship – For Whom the Bowl Tolls (Rotted Tooth Recordings, 2012) [mastering]

Dumpster Babies – LP (Slow Fizz Records, 2012) [mastering]

Junk Culture – Hang Roxy single (Illegal Art, 2011) [mastering]

Sharksleep – Demo (self-released, 2012) [recording]

Dirty BeachesDune Walker 7″ (Slow Boy Records, 2012) [recording, mixing]

NO FUN – Creepy EP (self-released, 2011) [recording, mixing]

Daniel Francis Doyle – “Debbie” split single (Monofonus Press, 2011) [recording, mixing]

Soren WellThis Year’s Rapture (2011) [recording]

PterodactylSpills Out (Brah/Jagjaguwar, 2011) [recording, additional mixing, mastering]

Ryan Daniel Hammer – Lost Coast (Positive Beat, 2011) [mastering]

Natural Harbors – The Most Vernal of Equinoxes (Positive Beat, 2011) [mastering]

People Like UsWelcome Abroad (Illegal Art, 2011) [mastering]

Ronnie Henn – Always on My Mind (2011) [restoration, mastering]

James Elkington & Nathan Salsburg – AVOS (Tompkins Square, 2011) [recording, mixing]

Singer – Mindreading (2011, Drag City) [additional engineering]

Wild Jesus & the Devil’s Lettuce – Family Party Band (Lettuce Records, 2011) [mastering]

The I Ching QuartetThese Dreams (self-released, 2011) [recording, mixing]

Girl Talk – All Day (Illegal Art, 2010) [mastering, production assistance]

Daniel Francis Doyle – There Are Two of You (SOUNGS, 2010) [mastering]

Personal and the Pizzas – I Want You 7″ (Trouble in Mind, 2010) [mastering]

Urs Leimgruber – Chicago Solo (Leo Records, 2010) [mastering]

CX KidtronikWild Kingdom (ft. King Geedorah) / Black Girl, White Girl EP (Stones Throw, 2010) [mastering, additional mixing/editing]

El is a Sound of Joy [recording]

Elephant MicahPlays the Songs of Bible Birds (Time Lag, 2010) [mastering]

Rabid RabbitSuicide Song EP (self-released, 2010) [recording]

Unmanned Ship – De La Bowl EP (Sparring Records, 2010) [recording, mixing]

Hans-Peter Pfammatter + Tim Daisy – Different Names (Relay Records) [recording]

Library ScienceDolphin (self-released, 2009) [mastering]

Peter Brotzmann / Kent Kessler / Joe McPhee / Michael Zerang – The Damage is Done (Not Two, 2009) [mixing / mastering]

Brian Harnetty & Bonnie Prince Billy – Silent City (Atavistic, 2009) [mastering]

Peter Brotzmann / Toshinori Kondo / Massimo Pupillo / Paal Nilssen-Love – Hairy Bones (Okkadisk, 2009) [mastering]

Bran Flakes – I Have Hands (Illegal Art, 2009) [mastering]

Relaxation Record [recording, mixing]

Third Coast Percussion Ensemble [recording, mixing]

James Elkington – Lily Liver [recording]

The I Ching QuartetStay Another Hour (self-released, 2009) [recording, mixing]

Mittens on Strings – Let’s Go to Baba’s (SOUNGS, 2009) [performance, recording, mixing]

Ceiling StarsAll the Fallen Parts (self-released, 2009) [recording]

Eyesearsnose – Radical Happiness (self-released, 2008) [recording, mixing]

Spirits of the Red City– Hunter Moon (2008) [mastering]

Elephant MicahEquine Emblem / At Midnight EPs (2008) [mastering]

Sun Ra – Secrets of the Sun (Atavistic, 2008) [mastering]

Joe Maneri / Peter Dolger – Peace Concert, 1964 (Atavistic, 2008) [mastering]

Girl Talk – Feed the Animals (Illegal Art, 2008) [mastering]

Elephant Micah…and the Exiled Magicians (Third Uncle / Time Lag, 2008) [mastering]

When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth – Not Noice (Chalk Circle, 2008) [mastering, additional recording]

mung – tough swig (newthingnow, 2008) [performance, recording, mixing]

The I Ching QuartetThe Metaphysical Cowboy (self-released, 2008) [recording, mixing]

Sun Ra – Night of the Purple Moon (Atavistic, 2007) [mastering]

Brian HarnettyAmerican Winter (Atavistic, 2007) [mastering]

Michael Reed’s People, Places, ThingsProliferation (482 Music, 2007) [recording]

Catherine Sullivan – Triangle of Need (installation, 2007) [recording]

Michael Graeve – Improvised Pieces for Record Players and Loud Speakers [recording, mixing]

Michael ZerangUntitled (for Prepared Piano) [recording]

Girl Talk – Night Ripper (Illegal Art, 2006) [mastering]

mung – junk (newthingnow, 2006) [performance, recording, mixing]

Mittens on Strings – Look up the Sky!! (Emperor Jones, 2006) [performance, recording, mixing]

Elephant MicahHindu Windmills: First Sessions (2005) [recording, mixing, mastering]

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