Sound Design


Blue Sonic Listening, sculpture by Josiah McElheny (2018) [sound design]

Sound design for a sculpture included in Carnegie International, 57th Edition, at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, PA.  The sound sculpture is an homage to Pauline Oliveros, and was curated alongside Corbett vs Dempsey as part of Dusty Groove II: Space Is A Diamond.


Milespires & Reliquaries, installation by Phillip Birch (2017) [score]

Score (written with Jonathan Campolo) for a short film, which was part of a multi-disciplinary installation at Lyles & King by Phillip Birch… “a futuristic dark age that he suggests is a projection of mankind’s current trajectory and a parallel to the dark age of the last millennium.”


Eyes Have Brightened, installation by Christopher Duffy + Eaters (2016) [concept, sound design, score]

An exhibit of sound- and light-sculptures at Knockdown Center. I sound-designed and helped to develop the concept of the sound sculptures, scored multiple musical pieces for the exhibit, and installed the show.


Moment Of Inertia, sculpture by Christopher Duffy (2015) [sound design, score]

Moment of Inertia is an audio-visual experiment from the group Eaters, conceived by visual artist and group member Christopher Duffy.  A large cylinder of glass serves as a manually-spun platter for an altered turntable, playing an original composition cut to acetate.  Void of a motor of any sort, the turntable slows over the course of the composition, eventually coming to a complete stop.  Throughout the experience, tempo and pitch fluctuate, exploring perceptions of speed, elasticity, and entropy.  

The Ring, sculpture by Christopher Duffy (2014-2015) [sound design]

The first “kinetic light sculpture” created by Christopher Duffy for Eaters performances, and later rigged with contact mics and effects for installations.


Welcome to Cleveland, created by Thu Tran, programmed by Ivan Safrin and Bobo Do (2014) [sound design, score]

An interactive installation at Case Western Reserve University’s new Tinkham Veale Universtiy Center.  Six Cleveland-themed gesture-based games cycle through on a free-standing 30-foot LED wall in the atrium.  The score and sound effects provide both sonic feedback for the users as well as an ambient background to people in the surrounding areas.

Pasta Shooter; created by Thu Tran, programmed by Ivan Safrin and Bobo Do (2014) [sound design, score]

A video-game created for HP Power-Up Fest.  It’s a first-person shooter where instead of shooting people with bullets to kill them, you shoot pasta into their mouths until they’re too fat to move anymore.