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Hello Again Summertime!!!

Just got back in town from not-so-blustery California, where I was celebrating my good friends’ wedding.  Now it’s hot as balls all over again.

I’ve been keeping busy with a lot of recording this summer.  Both the I Ching Quartet and Jim Elkington/Nathan Salsburg records that I mentioned last time are in overdub/mixing territory.  I’m really pleased with both so far – while they’re very different records, both have a very natural, tactile feel that I’ve striven for many many times, but never quite captured as well as on these recordings.  Stay tuned, we hope to have both records completed by the end of the month.

I also did a couple days of recording with the group El is a Sound of Joy.  They’re a seven-piece free-rock band from around town, alternately droney and balls-out aggression.  We did two days of recording at Experimental Sound Studio, and got about 7-8 hours of material to sift through.  Look out for an album from these sessions on New Ruins.

If you haven’t heard of Trouble in Mind Records, time to get wise.  They’ve put out an amazing run of 7″s from the Fresh and Onlys, Co-co-coma, Ty Segal and more.  I’ve started doing mastering for some of their releases, starting with the upcoming Personal and the Pizzas 7″.  Three songs of Ramones-y crooners, delicious.

I’ve got much much more to tell soon!!!  Pro Gear, Pro Attitude, y’all!

p, schenke