Summer Time 2010

Aaaahhhhhhh…. summer vacation, still hasn’t lost it’s charm for me.

We wrapped up season 2 of Food Party a couple of weeks ago, with equal parts relief and sadness.  This was one of my favorite projects I’ve been involved with, and easily the most fun job I have ever had.  Beat that, NASA!!

Season 2 is restarting this coming week, for all y’all that missed it the first time around.  Tune to IFC every Tuesday at 10 PM and/or 3 AM EST for two episodes.  I promise it only gets better and better!

I’ve also been busy playing with Mittens on Strings, doing our last few shows before calling it a day.  We put together some hand-printed copies of our new untitled EP (available to stream on our myspace page), and have been jamming some new shit in the practice space.  Our next show is Wed July 21st at the Empty Bottle with the awesome Yellow Fever from ATX.

So in addition to sun and fun, here are a few things I’ve been keeping busy with:

  • starting a new album with perennial favs the I Ching Quartet (super dreamy this round)
  • resuming recording the acoustic guitar duo album with Jim Elkington and Nathan Salsburg (fucking incredible, truly excited about this one)
  • mastering an improvised free jazz recording for Anthony Poretti (also of Spirits of the Red City)

I’ve got plenty more cool shit in the pipeline too, just hang tight.