Well, here I am, right down the street from Mr. Kiwi’s.  I jumped ship on Chicago last month, and moved out to Brooklyn with my lady.

So far, it’s been great, although Food Party didn’t get renewed for a third season.  Luckily, I’ve had plenty of hangtime with those guys, including an opening Thu curated at the Showpaper Gallery.

SOUNGS just had it’s second release – a new 7″ by the one and only Daniel Francis Doyle.  The single is called “There Are Two of You”, and you can pick it up on the SOUNGS website or from Dan on tour.  Stay tuned for more news on SOUNGS, including a new website, more releases in the archives, and a new album by Hearts of Darknesses!!

So now that I’ve got my studio setup here in Brooklyn, I’ve been working on wrapping up mixes on the new I Ching Quartet and James & Nathan albums that I recorded in Chicago.  I’m such a proud papa on these ones, I can’t wait from them to drop.  I’ve also been doing some mastering work for a couple Chicago-based bands – Dumpster Babies and Wild Jesus.

And there’s more cool stuff coming up in the next couple months!