Pterodactyl‘s new album Spills Out is out today on Brah Records!  I worked closely with the band over a few months earlier this year to craft and refine the album, so it’s really really really exciting to see it out in the world.  Check out this streaming player and brief interview with Joe K from the band at Spin Magazine(!):

In other Pterodactyl news, I recently remastered and rereleased their 2010 mini-album Arnold’s Park on SOUNGS.  It’s available as a limited-edition cassette (with silk-screened artwork and a download code) and as a digital download.  It’s a badass record that didn’t get much play the first time around, and you can stream the whole thing at the SOUNGS Bandcamp page:

I just wrapped up a week and half of recording with Fergus & Geromino at Seaside Lounge.  It was an awesome experience – the studio is great, the band was creative and on-point, and everyone had a blast making this tunes.  They’re mixing this week, and the record should be out in the spring on Hardly Art.  Expect to hear a lot more about this record!

Lots of other things brewing right now, more info soon…. feel free to get in touch – jonathan[dot]schenke[at]gmail[dot]com – and thanks for stopping by!











My boy Daniel Francis Doyle has a new single out now on Monofonus Press.  We recorded the song “Debbie” at his place earlier this year, and I’m thrilled to see it out!  It’s a one-sided split single, also featuring music by the Dikes of Holland, and artwork by Tim Doyle on the flip side.  Check out a brief performance of the song above, followed by a stream of the single version.  You can pick up one of these lovely copies at the Monofonus store.

Also, my friends in No Fun posted two songs we recorded in their practice space early this year on their Bandcamp page.  Check it out!

I spent last week doing sound around NYC for CMJ Festival.  It was a hustle, for sure, but I’m glad to have done it.  The Cantora Labs / Smart Lounge party was pretty cool.

This week, I’m working on the master for the upcoming Unmanned Ship album on Rotted Tooth Recordings, and putting together the finishing touches on the reissue of Pterodactyl‘s Arnold’s Park album on my own SOUNGS Label.  WOOT!

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I’ve been talking about this stuff for a while, and now there’s stuff to share!

“School Glue”, the first song from the new Pterodactyl album Spills Out debuted yesterday on Pitchfork.  Check it out:

Spills Out will be released November 15th on Brah / Jagjaguwar.  I handled the bulk of the recording duties, spent some time on the mixing, and mastered the record.  People seem to be digging it, which rules – coz I really like it!

Avos, the album by James Elktington and Nathan Salsburg, comes out on Tompkins Square August 23rd.  It was recorded in a few sessions in my old living room, and mixed earlier this year.  My grandma heard it and loved it!  You can stream the album in its entirity on Fretboard Journal:

Hope you guys like this stuff too!  Thanks for checking it out.

Mindreading, the long-delayed second album by Singer, is out now on Drag City.  This was recorded in 2009 after Todd Rittmann left to form D(ead) Rider (which is particularly awesome live), and the results are more synth-oriented than Unhistories, and even more abstract.  I assisted the band in the recording (setting up mics and getting sounds for the group to build upon), and it was mixed by Randall Dunn (who has previously worked on releases by Sunn 0))), Earth, and Black Mountain).

I think Drag City sums it up best: “Democracy in motion…slow motion. Drifting into and through an amoebic evolution in sound, Mindreading discerns a new form of pop music. Paranormal or supernatural – take your pick!”

In other news, the upcoming Pterodactyl record Spills Out is finished!!  It turned out amazing, we’re all super-psyched on the outcome, and the early artwork looks fantastic.  Look out for it this Fall on Brah/Jagjaguwar.

Also, I just returned from another year working at Pitchfork Music Festival.  Shabazz Palaces, Kylessa, James Blake, and OFF! were definitely the highlights on my stage.  As always, it was a marathon weekend, but my friends and co-workers on the staff made it all run well, and it was awesome to see my Chicago folk again.  Big shout out to Matt, the Ice Cream Man!

A few albums that I’ve recently worked on have upcoming release dates.  First is the People Like Us album Welcome Abroad, out May 24th on CD via Illegal Art (see the album art above).  Next is The Most Vernal of Equinoxes by Natural Harbors, a hand-cut limited-edition 10″ LP on Positive Beat Recordings this summer.  And this July, the long-in-the-works guitar duo record by James Elkington and Nathan Salsburg will be released on LP by Tompkins Square.

The Pterodactyl record is now in the final mixing stages.  I’ll be finishing mixes and mastering it in the next week or so.  It’s been a long process, but we’re all excited about the results – I can’t wait for people to hear this stuff.

And Thu, Peter, Taylor, Dan, Matt, Lauren and I have finished about an hour’s worth of animations called The Misguided Guide to the Origin of Everything.  Thu’s been posting various clips from the cartoon over the last month or so, and here are a few for your viewing pleasure:

How Did Salt and Pepper Get Together?

What is Dust?

How Does Television Work?

What is a Banana Split?

Thanks for stopping by!  And as always, feel free to get in touch if you’d like to work on a project together.


Hey friends,

I just started working on the next episodes of The Misguided Guide to the Origin of Everything – the new show I’m working on with Thu Tran & the Winty Crew from Food Party. I loved the way the pilot turned out – check out the teaser above – but I feel like everyone stepped up their game for these next episodes. Keep your fingers crossed that they’ll be coming out sometime soon!

The Pterodactyl record is coming along well – we’re finishing the last bits of tracking, and Frank Musarra (Hearts of Darknesses / Trey Told ‘Em) has started the mixing process.  We were able to get some great performances, and the overdubs and arrangements took things to whole new levels.  Everything sounds huge and melodic and weird – I’m mega psyched!

They’re playing Tuesday March 8th at the Parts & Labor record release show in Brooklyn before taking off to SXSW.  Check out tour dates here:

In the meantime, I mastered a record for my friend Anthony from Chicago and his new project Natural Harbors.  I enjoyed his last EP (under the name of Arctic Circle), but this really caught my imagination – great beats, inventive production, catchy melodies… the works.  I’ve had these songs stuck in my head since I started working on them.  Keep an eye out for the record later this year on Positive Beat Recordings.

Also, my good friends the I Ching Quartet have posted their discography online to download for free!  I worked on three of these records, including the newest one These Dreams, of which I am particularly fond/proud.  Check them out:

Thanks for stopping by!



I’ve spent the last two weeks with my friend Jesse and the rest of the (awesome) dudes in Pterodactyl, recording their new record. Pterodactyl has put out records on Brah/Jagjaguwar and Deleted Art, and appeared on a split with one of my favorite bands Oneida.

All the basic tracking is done – we did two days setup in Jesse’s loft and another in their practice space, getting all the basics down.  (The photo to your left is the M train passing by Jesse’s window)  We’re working on overdubs and vocals now – always an involved process, but nice at your own pace.  Frank Musarra – from Hearts of Darknesses and Trey Told ‘Em (with Gregg Gillis/Girl Talk) – will be mixing the record in a couple weeks, and I’ll be doing the final mix/master after Pterodactyl’s SXSW tour with Parts and Labor.

The material is really exciting, taking their abrasive noise-pop from Worldwild, steeping it in the more melodic psychedelia experiments from last year’s Arnold’s Park EP, and steering it directly into Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound.  You guys will love it.