More Misguided Guides, and more!

Hey friends,

I just started working on the next episodes of The Misguided Guide to the Origin of Everything – the new show I’m working on with Thu Tran & the Winty Crew from Food Party. I loved the way the pilot turned out – check out the teaser above – but I feel like everyone stepped up their game for these next episodes. Keep your fingers crossed that they’ll be coming out sometime soon!

The Pterodactyl record is coming along well – we’re finishing the last bits of tracking, and Frank Musarra (Hearts of Darknesses / Trey Told ‘Em) has started the mixing process.  We were able to get some great performances, and the overdubs and arrangements took things to whole new levels.  Everything sounds huge and melodic and weird – I’m mega psyched!

They’re playing Tuesday March 8th at the Parts & Labor record release show in Brooklyn before taking off to SXSW.  Check out tour dates here:

In the meantime, I mastered a record for my friend Anthony from Chicago and his new project Natural Harbors.  I enjoyed his last EP (under the name of Arctic Circle), but this really caught my imagination – great beats, inventive production, catchy melodies… the works.  I’ve had these songs stuck in my head since I started working on them.  Keep an eye out for the record later this year on Positive Beat Recordings.

Also, my good friends the I Ching Quartet have posted their discography online to download for free!  I worked on three of these records, including the newest one These Dreams, of which I am particularly fond/proud.  Check them out:

Thanks for stopping by!



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