New Pterodactyl, Elkington/Salsburg Tunes Online

I’ve been talking about this stuff for a while, and now there’s stuff to share!

“School Glue”, the first song from the new Pterodactyl album Spills Out debuted yesterday on Pitchfork.  Check it out:

Spills Out will be released November 15th on Brah / Jagjaguwar.  I handled the bulk of the recording duties, spent some time on the mixing, and mastered the record.  People seem to be digging it, which rules – coz I really like it!

Avos, the album by James Elktington and Nathan Salsburg, comes out on Tompkins Square August 23rd.  It was recorded in a few sessions in my old living room, and mixed earlier this year.  My grandma heard it and loved it!  You can stream the album in its entirity on Fretboard Journal:

Hope you guys like this stuff too!  Thanks for checking it out.

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