New singles by Buzz Kull, Strange Names, Gnarcissists

“Avoiding the Light”, the new single from Australian darkwave artist Buzz Kull, is out now. premiered the song, which is the first song from his upcoming sophomore LP, due later this year via Burning Rose (AU), Funeral Party (US), and Avant (EU).  I’m mixing, mastering and contributing additional production to these songs (as I did on his debut Chroma), and excited for the directions Marc and I have pushed this album.  Stay tuned.

Out Magazine shared a surreal new video for “Into Me” by NYC electro-pop trio Strange Names, along with an interview with the band.  “into Me” is one of my favorite songs off their new record Data, which was one of the last records that I mixed at Doctor Wu’s before its closure, and was mastered by Heba Kadry at Timeless MasteringData is out now on Frenchkiss Records.

And garage-punk quartet Gnarcissists released their debut single “We All Just Wanna” via Alt Citizen.  It’s the first song from their first EP, which I’m mixing/mastering this summer, and which was recorded by Lucas Carpenter (our wonderful assistant at Studio Windows).  Check it out:

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