Wiccans Field II Out Now


Field II, the new album by Texan hardcore misfits Wiccans, is out now on Katorga Works.  It’s available as a beautiful LP (I got a copy from them on their last tour, and it’s truly striking design) and as a completely free download.  I mixed the record at Doctor Wu’s, and it sounds huge!  Grab your copy here: http://katorgaworks.bigcartel.com/product/wiccans-field-ii-lp

I just got back from a week of tracking with the band Forest Fire at Tree Time Studio in Cornwall, NY.  It was an absolutely beautiful place to record…. trees, crickets, waterfalls, fire pits, the works…  We had some choice gear and a lot of synths to choose from, all tracked to 2″ tape.  This record is going to be a real heady groover, mark my words!  I’m really excited to pick it back up in a couple weeks.  Massive shout-outs and much love to our amazing hosts, Adam Pierce (of Mice Parade & Fat Cat) and Big Jake!!

Thanks for reading all this!  Please write me if you’d like to talk more… jonathan.schenke[at]gmail.com

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