Field II, the new album by Texan hardcore misfits Wiccans, is out now on Katorga Works.  It’s available as a beautiful LP (I got a copy from them on their last tour, and it’s truly striking design) and as a completely free download.  I mixed the record at Doctor Wu’s, and it sounds huge!  Grab your copy here:

I just got back from a week of tracking with the band Forest Fire at Tree Time Studio in Cornwall, NY.  It was an absolutely beautiful place to record…. trees, crickets, waterfalls, fire pits, the works…  We had some choice gear and a lot of synths to choose from, all tracked to 2″ tape.  This record is going to be a real heady groover, mark my words!  I’m really excited to pick it back up in a couple weeks.  Massive shout-outs and much love to our amazing hosts, Adam Pierce (of Mice Parade & Fat Cat) and Big Jake!!

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Impose Magazine has debuted an exclusive album teaser for the new Fergus & Geronimo record Funky Was the State of Affairs.  Check it out above, or with an accompanying interview on their site.  I’m so excited for this record to drop – we recorded it all-analog last fall (at the wonderful Seaside Lounge in Brooklyn), and it’s a wild trip of a record!  It comes out August 7th on Hardly Art.

The new Starring record ABCD…. is out now on Northern Spy.  I recorded one track for the album, the epic centerpiece “…7…”, and Matt Mehlan (from Skeletons) mixed the record.  MTV (of all publications!) debuted the track recently on their blog!  I really love this record – it’s a great pop/prog experiment – and their recent live shows have been killer.  They’re playing this Saturday at 285 Kent (with another local favorite of mine, PC Worship) and taking off on tour soon with Guardian Alien.  Check out their dates here.

I just finished mixing the new record by Wiccans, Field II, coming soon on Katorga Works.  It’s a rowdy half hour thrill ride, and was a total blast to mix.  I mixed this at my home studio and over at Doctor Wu’s.  Check out the album info here and an umastered track from the album here!

We’re doing some renovations at Doctor Wu’s this weekend, as the studio is continuing to come together.  I’ve worked on a few projects there so far, and everything has come out incredible.  If you want to check it out some time, just get in touch!

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