Funky Was the State of Affairs, the new album by Fergus & Geronimo, is out now on Hardly Art!!  This record’s a total trip, full of aliens, mind-control, deep grooves, and sick riffs.  We recorded this completely analog last fall at Seaside Lounge, and it sounds incredible (if I do say so myself)!  Check out some tunes for yourself here and here, or go to Spotify to stream the whole thing (this week’s recommended record).

FWTSOA been getting some pretty rowdy reviews, with people saying shit like “the unattractive stature of guitarists Andrew Savage and Bob Jones, sax player Jef Brown and drummer Jason Kelly is just so striking that it seems pertinent somehow” (Ground Control) and “It’s an album flailing so violently for attention; the best thing to do is never even acknowledge its existence.” (Mishka NYC).  Even Pitchfork weighed in, opining that “Funky is a worthy record for this moment in time” and “it is more musically focused and muscular” but still finding plenty to bitch about… haters.

Impose ran a great feature/interview with Andrew Savage from Fergus & Geronimo (as well as Parquet Courts, and formerly of Teenage Cool Kids).   They talk a lot about drawing & painting, and there’s a nice selection of Andrew’s album covers and various pieces.

Fergus & Geronimo are playing a record release show this Friday at 285 Kent (in Brooklyn).  Arto Lindsay (from DNA), The People’s Temple (Hozac), Family Curse, and Mannequin Pussy are all on the bill, with members of Habibi DJing throughout the night.  PARTAY!!!!

Thanks for checking this out, hope you like it!  Feel free to get in touch at jonathan.schenke [at]

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