Funky Was the State of Affairs, the new album by Fergus & Geronimo, is out now on Hardly Art!!  This record’s a total trip, full of aliens, mind-control, deep grooves, and sick riffs.  We recorded this completely analog last fall at Seaside Lounge, and it sounds incredible (if I do say so myself)!  Check out some tunes for yourself here and here, or go to Spotify to stream the whole thing (this week’s recommended record).

FWTSOA been getting some pretty rowdy reviews, with people saying shit like “the unattractive stature of guitarists Andrew Savage and Bob Jones, sax player Jef Brown and drummer Jason Kelly is just so striking that it seems pertinent somehow” (Ground Control) and “It’s an album flailing so violently for attention; the best thing to do is never even acknowledge its existence.” (Mishka NYC).  Even Pitchfork weighed in, opining that “Funky is a worthy record for this moment in time” and “it is more musically focused and muscular” but still finding plenty to bitch about… haters.

Impose ran a great feature/interview with Andrew Savage from Fergus & Geronimo (as well as Parquet Courts, and formerly of Teenage Cool Kids).   They talk a lot about drawing & painting, and there’s a nice selection of Andrew’s album covers and various pieces.

Fergus & Geronimo are playing a record release show this Friday at 285 Kent (in Brooklyn).  Arto Lindsay (from DNA), The People’s Temple (Hozac), Family Curse, and Mannequin Pussy are all on the bill, with members of Habibi DJing throughout the night.  PARTAY!!!!

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Spin Magazine debuted the next new song from Fergus & Geronimo‘s upcoming album Funky Was the State of Affairs last week.  This is one of my favorite jams on the record, and was really fun to record with the second drum part and freaked-out chorus.  Spin had a really nice write-up about it here, and Pitchfork picked it up today too.  Hardly Art is releasing the record August 7th, so mark your calendars!

Wild Quiet, the new Junk Culture record, is coming out next week (July 31st) on Illegal Art.  I’m really amazed at how this record turned out, and I can’t wait for people to hear it.  In preparation, Deepak put together this video for the song “Growing Pains”, which debuted last week on Consequence of Sound.  Check out what they had to say here, and/or head over to RCRDLBL to download the track.


The new Wiccans album, Field II, is mastered (impeccably by Josh Bonati) and at the presses.  In celebration, Katorga Works posted the track “Telepathy” to stream.  Also, Wiccans are hitting the road next week – check out their tour dates on their Facebook page.

And Starring debuted a new video for the song “Aphonia” on Ad Hoc yesterday.  This is one of my favorite songs on ABCDEFG, the main riff kills…. if you haven’t heard it yet, their new album is sooooo good!  Spin gave it 8/10 and calls it “Frothing, Brooklyn-based chamber pot of gloriously skewed neo-classical noise-prog.”  Check it out already, man!


I just got back to NYC from Chicago, where I was mixing at Pitchfork Music Festival (for the sixth year straight, whoa).  It’s always a pleasure to be working with my old friends and co-workers at the fest, and this year had a lot of solid talent performing.  This year I had the pleasure of mixing Dirty Beaches, Thee Oh Sees, The Men, and Liturgy – all bands that have blown me away in the past.  Other things that I hadn’t heard before but were awesome: Willis Earl Beal, Danny Brown, and the Field…. I’m sure there were others, but my brain got fried in the heat and the rain!


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Impose Magazine has debuted an exclusive album teaser for the new Fergus & Geronimo record Funky Was the State of Affairs.  Check it out above, or with an accompanying interview on their site.  I’m so excited for this record to drop – we recorded it all-analog last fall (at the wonderful Seaside Lounge in Brooklyn), and it’s a wild trip of a record!  It comes out August 7th on Hardly Art.

The new Starring record ABCD…. is out now on Northern Spy.  I recorded one track for the album, the epic centerpiece “…7…”, and Matt Mehlan (from Skeletons) mixed the record.  MTV (of all publications!) debuted the track recently on their blog!  I really love this record – it’s a great pop/prog experiment – and their recent live shows have been killer.  They’re playing this Saturday at 285 Kent (with another local favorite of mine, PC Worship) and taking off on tour soon with Guardian Alien.  Check out their dates here.

I just finished mixing the new record by Wiccans, Field II, coming soon on Katorga Works.  It’s a rowdy half hour thrill ride, and was a total blast to mix.  I mixed this at my home studio and over at Doctor Wu’s.  Check out the album info here and an umastered track from the album here!

We’re doing some renovations at Doctor Wu’s this weekend, as the studio is continuing to come together.  I’ve worked on a few projects there so far, and everything has come out incredible.  If you want to check it out some time, just get in touch!

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