Happy Happy Happy New New Year!

Let’s hear if for 2011!! I’ve already had some friends and my sister in from out of town, been to both the Brooklyn Museum and the Museum of Modern Art, and been to Fat Albert’s warehouse twice!!  Plus, I’m starting of this year right, finishing up a couple of amazing projects.

First is the record I began a whiiiiiile ago with James Elkington (of the Horse’s Ha, the Zincs, and more) and Nathan Salsburg (solo artist and head of Twos and Fews).  It’s an album of instrumental folk songs played on acoustic guitars in the style of Bert Jansch, Leo Kotke, and John Fahey.  We’ve been working on this off and on, getting together to record in my old living room in Chicago when Nathan was in town, and adding overdubs and field recordings here and there as I’ve mixed.  It’s been a pleasure working on this record, and I can’t wait for the world to hear it. I have my fingers crossed that it will take less time to release it than it did to make it!

The other really exciting thing I’ve been working on is a new television pilot with some of my pals from the Food Party crew.  I’m not sure how much is under wraps, but I can say that if you were a fan of Food Party, you’ll be right on board with this one.  We’ve been going nuts with the sound design – it kinda blew my mind to hear all I had done leading up to the holidays – and the art is pretty out of this world.  Check out this clip from an old Food Party episode to get the gist of things:


porridge sequence in FP4 from Thu Tran on Vimeo.


xo, twoeyes

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