The Ronnie Henn story, People Like Us, and more

WOWEE!!!  The reception to the new Girl Talk record has been phenomenal!  If you haven’t gotten a chance to listen to it, head over to the Illegal Art site and check it out:

Both Pitchfork and the Onion AV Club gave All Day great reviews – full of praise and very astute.  Check them out too:


Before I go any further, check out this wicked photo spread my friends Thu and Josef made for Flaunt magazine (see sick image on your right):

I’ve been keeping busy since, going down to Tennessee for Thanksgiving, and tackling a few other mastering jobs in between.  Illegal Art – the sample-addled record label that brought us Girl Talk, Steinski, and Deconstructing Beck – has a new release coming out soon by People Like Us called Welcome Abroad.  It’s a dizzying collection of classic pop tunes, javanese lullabies, marching band standards, and probably a million other things I missed blended into a staggering series of bizarro sound collages.  Coming soon.

The other big project was an anthology of 80’s Nashville recordings compiled by my friend Jason Henn (formerly of Elephant Micah, the Red Queen Hypothesis, et al).  Entitled Always on My Mind – The Ronnie Henn Story, the album traces his Dad’s journey through the Nashville studio system in the mid-80s as he attempts to make good on a contract signed at the Hoosiers premier, so crazy it must be true.  Ronnie’s baritone croon graces all sorts of country standards, from classic ballads like “Always on my Mind” and “Crazy” to more upbeat banjo thumpers like “Rocky Top”.  This CD will be distributed through the Numero Group, which is great news!  Read more about this crazy trip Jason’s Kickstarter page for the project:

Other tidbits: mastering a single for Brooklyn-based Special Envoy; finished mixing the I Ching Quartet record These Dreams, to be mastered at All City Mastering in Chicago; and some other exciting stuff I’ll talk about next time.

until then,


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