…And Back Again

I was out the past week and a half with my band Mittens on Strings.  We made our fourth trip down to South By Southwest in Austin, and played some shows on the way down.  It was awesome to go out on the road again – I did no touring in 2009! – and I was really feeling how we were playing.

We finished mixing the new Mittens on Strings EP right before the tour.  It’s Alex and my favorite thing we’ve done as a band – I’m really proud.  Five songs, all recorded over the course of a weekend, mixed to optimum psychedelic beauty.  We’re working on packaging now – Alex designed an awesome stamp for the front cover – and we should have some sort of release party in the next couple months.

I’ve been hard at work on season 2 of Food Party for IFC.  It’s been a real challenge, in a fun way, to work so quickly and remain creative about the sounds I’m making.  For example, in one episode Thu cuts her arm off to eat it.  It’s so fucking gross, my stomach was turning as I watched it over and over and over, trying to make the right mix of ripping flesh, squishing muscle, and squirting marinade.  I talked with my man Matt Fitzpatrick – who has been killing it with his music each week – and he said he had to compose the score with his monitor off!  This week I’m busting out my synths to try and get some rocket ship noises….  We’re about a third of the way through, but the season starts mid-April.  I can’t wait to see how people take to it!

Project update: CAW! CAW! is having their record release party April 13th at the Abbey Pub in Chicago.  We spend a couple months this winter mixing it just right, so I’m psyched to see this record come to fruition.  Come out to wish the boys “BON VOYAGE” on their tour.