Back to Chicago

I’m back at work after running in and out of town….

I went out to Brooklyn to visit my friends on the set of Food Party, a show entering its second season on Independent Film Channel.  Created by the awesome Thu Tran, and featuring about a dozen of my good friends on the cast and crew, the series is a smoke-addled, puppet-infested, Pee Wee’s Playhouse-style absurdest comedy only tangentially about food.  It rules.  The set looks amazing, and everyone is totally psyched on this second season, which begins sometime in April.  I’ll be doing mixing and sound design again from my studio in Chicago, starting next week.

Earlier in January, my buddies and I in Mittens on Strings got together at Experimental Sound Studio to record an EP of new material.  In contrast to our last record Let’s Go to Baba’s – with a zillion overdubs, string arrangements, and about a half dozen too many mixing experiments – we decided to do this all live in one room.  A few overdubs and vocal parts later, we had five songs down in one weekend!  I’ve started working on the mixes, and we’ll be hopefully finishing it up in the next couple of weeks.

So in the meantime, I’m finishing CX Kidtronik’s new record for Stones Throw called (I shit you not) Krak Attack II: Back Krak with a Vengeance.  The album is a total mindfuck, bordering old school hip hop, booty house, gabber, punk, and anything else you can shake your ass to.  This dude is obsessed with asses, in case you had missed that.  You might have seen him on tour with Girl Talk or Saul Williams over the last year or so – he’s also Saul’s DJ live.  The record features some really amazing guest spots from Alec Empire, MF DOOM, Saul Williams, and Otto Von Shirach.  There’s a 12″ single coming out soon for “Black Girl White Girl” b/w “Animal Kindgom (feat King Geedorah)”!  ROWDY!!!