Big OOPS for letting this go so long without updating!  But check out this amazing cover for AVOS, the new record by James Elkington and Nathan Salsburg coming out this summer on Tompkins Square.  The sleeve is from a painting by the lovely Lauren Gregory, and the album was recorded and mixed by yours truly.

I recently recorded two songs with my friend Daniel Francis Doyle in Austin, TX and am in the process of mixing them both.  One of the tracks is in his classic one-man-band style for an upcoming split 7″ on Monofonus Press, and the other is a old-school ballad for an upcoming compilation on my own SOUNGS Label.  Danny is one of my favorite performers and an all around great dude, so it was truly a pleasure to do this recording with him.  Keep an eye out for him and his new trio on tour this fall.

I also recorded basic tracking for the alterna-shoegazer/bombastic rock band Soren Well, along with their guitarist and my friend Derek Mabra.  It was a great 3 days of tracking at Derek’s Honeyland Studios in Brooklyn. We recorded solid foundations for their upcoming full-length album This Year’s Rapture and the accompanying Academy Girls EP, which they are hard at work finishing overdubs and mixing.

And most recently, I recorded an epic mega jam by the Brooklyn group Starring for their upcoming second album. The album’s being mixed by Matt Mehlan from Skeletons, and it sounds fucking rad from what I’ve heard.  Their first disc, Wife of God (on Death by Audio), is pretty damn good too!

I also had the good fortune recently to work on another project coming out on Chicago’s Positive Beat Recordings.  A few weeks ago, I mastered Lost Coast by Ryan Daniel Hammer, which I believe is coming out on cassette and MP3.  It’s a collection of ambient/drone songs, melodic and heavy but not too dark and never saccharine – really good stuff.  Check out this video experiment accompanying an earlier version of “Long Face”, one of the album’s tracks, here:

Also, check out this Impose Magazine feature on People Like Us (which was on their Best of the Month list!):

Thanks for stopping by!  And as always, please get in touch if you would like to discuss working together on an upcoming project!

A few albums that I’ve recently worked on have upcoming release dates.  First is the People Like Us album Welcome Abroad, out May 24th on CD via Illegal Art (see the album art above).  Next is The Most Vernal of Equinoxes by Natural Harbors, a hand-cut limited-edition 10″ LP on Positive Beat Recordings this summer.  And this July, the long-in-the-works guitar duo record by James Elkington and Nathan Salsburg will be released on LP by Tompkins Square.

The Pterodactyl record is now in the final mixing stages.  I’ll be finishing mixes and mastering it in the next week or so.  It’s been a long process, but we’re all excited about the results – I can’t wait for people to hear this stuff.

And Thu, Peter, Taylor, Dan, Matt, Lauren and I have finished about an hour’s worth of animations called The Misguided Guide to the Origin of Everything.  Thu’s been posting various clips from the cartoon over the last month or so, and here are a few for your viewing pleasure:

How Did Salt and Pepper Get Together?

What is Dust?

How Does Television Work?

What is a Banana Split?

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