Kolezanka – Cheers!

“Cheers!” is the latest single from NYC art-pop project Kolezanka and their upcoming LP Alone With The Sound The Mind Makes. The song was featured on Stereogum, Under The Radar (where it was also one of the Best Songs Of The Week), Our Culture, and others. While mixing and fine-tuning the arrangements, I suggested an edit to this song which we ultimately decided against, but that conversation made it into the statement for this single:

“This song is about the exhausting and annihilating loop of SA, in its unfortunate repetition and also the way you become stuck after trauma. When we were mixing this song, Jonathan Schenke suggested removing the middle distorted guitar and hocket vocal part to create a better flow. He was right and I contemplated it, but I realized I wanted this song to feel uncomfortable. Each movement of this song is very intentional, I hope it says what I needed it to say.”

Along With The Sound The Mind Makes is out February 17 on Bar/None Records.

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