Pottery – Hot Like Jungle, interviews

Montreal art-rock quintet Pottery have postponed the release of their debut LP, but here’s a new single to tide us over, courtesy of Stereogum.  “Hot Like Jungle” is the final track on Welcome To Bobby’s Motel (which I produced, recording at Breakglass in Montreal & mixing at Studio Windows in Brooklyn), and it was also the last song we worked out for the album.  What started as a goofy dance-popper ended up being the most genuinely touching moment on the whole album, and was tracked in about three takes after figuring out the direction for the song in the studio.  The hand-drawn animated video was created by the band’s drummer Paul Jacobs, who also did the album’s bizarro art as well as the previous videos for “Texas Drums” and “Take Your Time.”

Welcome To Bobby’s Motel is now out June 26 via Partisan Records/Royal Mountain.  If you need more Pottery NOW, check out their recent interviews in DIY Mag and So Young.  Also recommended: Paul Jacobs’ wealth of solo material over at Bandcamp!

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