New Frankie Rose and Fort Lean singles

Sometimes you work on songs and love the results.  Sometimes they come out quickly, sometimes you have to wait a while, sometimes they never come out at all.  A couple of these languishing gems have finally been unearthed…

Frankie Rose recently released “Sorrow String”, a remix I made for the single from her last record Herein Wild.  The remix is based around voice, live strings, and Moog bass, and I’m thrilled to have it out in the world.  My studio partner Yale Yng-Wong recorded the strings and synth bass, as well as mixing Frankie’s new record Cage Tropical.  Cage Tropical is out now on Slumberland Records, and Frankie and her band are on tour now.

I also mixed the single “Asleep at the Wheel” for Fort Lean around the time Daniel Schlett, Jake Aron (my other studio partner, and former member of Fort Lean) and I were finishing mixing their last album Quiet Day.  It was one of my favorites from those sessions, and still sounds great years later.  Enjoy!

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