TJ Miller Remix album, NT EP, and wrapping up

The new Parquet Courts record, Light Up Gold, is done!  We’re all really psyched on how it turned out, really groovin’ vintage-feeling riffs with plenty of feedback skronk.  I’m personally amazed at how fast it came together – three days of tracking and two of mixing…  I like to work fast, but this may be a new record for me (no pun intended)!  Regardless, if you’re around Brooklyn go check them out live and pick up their tape American Specialties while you’re at it – it’s great!

I also wrapped up the mix and master for Junk Culture‘s new album Wild Quiet.  It’s a dense pop trip of a record: melodic and inventive and fun.  I’m really excited for this one to drop!  It should be out sometime this summer on Illegal Art.

I recently mastered an album of remixes from TJ Miller‘s Extended Play EP, also coming out on Illegal Art this summer.  I wasn’t familiar with TJ’s stuff, but turns out he’s a funny guy!  The album has remixes by Junk Culture, Bran Flakes, Touch People, the Kleptones, Jesse Case, Babes, and a mega-mix by Steinski.  Check out the video from his album up top.

The other thing I recently mixed was the new EP by NT.  Their stuff is loud-fast rock, steeped in post-punk and grunge.  I met main man Jake on tour with Frankie Rose (he was playing bass with her for a while, and played on her new album), so it was really fun to work on this together and really tap into my inner teenager (as opposed to my inner child or inner old man).  It’s pretty awesome stuff, and should be out soon!

Thanks for stopping by, and please hit me up if you want!  jonathan[dot]schenke[at]gmail[dot]com