Film Mixes and Mastering

Still Life (excerpt) from Still Life on Vimeo.

Happy New Year dudes!!

Above is an excerpt from the excellent documentary Still Life, one of two documentaries I’ve mixed recently.  Still Life follows expert taxidermist Frank Newmeyer as he prepares a jaw dropping new piece and reflects upon his life and past work.  It was created by Masie Cochran and Duncan Skiles, and should be premiering in the near future.

The other documentary I worked on was called Married and Counting, by Allan Piper.  It’s about a homosexual couple who celebrate their 25th anniversary by traveling to the different states in which same-sex marriage is legal.  You can read more about it and view some (pre-mixed) clips of it on the film’s blog.  It should also be premiering some time soon.

I’ve also done a couple mastering projects for some Chicago homies recently.  The astoundingly awesome Unmanned Ship recorded their new album at Electrical Audio, and will be releasing it on Rotten Tooth Recordings.  It sounds absolutely incredible, make sure to check out this trippy bruiser of a record ASAP!  I also worked on the full length by garage rockers Dumpster Babies for Slow Fizz Records… it’s a cool record with tons of fuzzy hooks and interesting musical detours.  Both will hopefully be out very soon!

Lots of cool stuff coming up too, so stop back soon and feel free to get in touch!  jonathan [dot] schenke [at] gmail [dot] com