Frankie Rose & Dirty Beaches Tour

I’m heading out on tour with Frankie Rose & the Outs and Dirty Beaches, doing sound over the next couple of weeks.  Everyone in both bands is supremely sweet, and the trip includes some stops in both Chicago and Cleveland, my old stompin’ grounds.  Check out these rad dates:

09/20/2011: New York, NY / Mercury Lounge 

09/21/2011: Boston, MA / Brighton Music Hall

09/23/2011: Montreal, QC / Il Motore / Pop Montreal

09/24/2011: Toronto, ON / Phoenix
with Peter Hook

09/26/2011: Indianapolis, IN / White Rabbit Cabaret

09/27/2011: Chicago, IL / Empty Bottle

09/28/2011: Chicago, IL / Empty Bottle / Adventures in Modern Music Festival
with John Maus, Liturgy, Chandeliers

09/29/2011: Cleveland, OH / Happy Dog

I recently mixed a few songs with my friends in NO FUN, which were recorded quick and dirty in their practice space last month.  They sound good and rowdy, as they should!  The songs should be online soon.

Also, check out this really nice review of Jim Elkington & Nathan Salsburg’s album Avos by Peter Margasak:

There’s lots of other stuff coming up this Fall that I’m totally psyched about, but I have to get my laundry done before soundcheck, so hang tight!!

xo, twoeyes

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