Wrapping up Elephant Micah, Unmanned Ship

Whoa, doggie!!  It’s been a while since I’ve updated this site!

This week I’m putting the finishing touches on a master for an upcoming release by my friend(s) Elephant Micah called Elephant Micah Plays the Songs of Bible Birds.  It’s a collection of four track recordings from a few years ago featuring members of one of my favorite Chicago bands Pillars & Tongues.  Gorgeous songs…. It will be available on CD & LP from Time-Lag Records in the near future.

Also of note, Time Lag will also be releasing a very limited edition of the previous Elephant Micah record The Exiled Magicians – my personal favorite, and another one I mastered.

I’m also wrapping up an EP for my friends Unmanned Ship.  We tracked this live at the Hideout in September, and it’s a beast.  Think Lightning Bolt or blown out Black Sabbath.  We got together over the weekend to tweak the mixes, and I’ll be doing the master over the next couple of days.  I’ll keep posting as things develop, but they’re looking to put out a tape on their own Sparring Records.

And to update my site, over the past few months I’ve worked on a couple of films (Scrappers – a documentary on scrap metal scavengers – and Riot Acts – a documentary on trans-gender musicians); done some tracking with Swiss pianist Hans-Peter Pfammater and an assortment of Chicago improvisers (Frank Rosaly, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Tim Daisy, and many others), as well as an EP with drone-metal band Rabid Rabbit; and some mixing and mastering for a record and some singles by CX Kidtronik & Krak Attack for Stones Throw RecordsMittens on Strings put out our new LP Let’s Go to Baba’s and the SOUNGS site has been launched!

Whew…. I’ll certainly be updating this more often…