Eaters. my electronic art rock group with Bob Jones and Christopher Duffy, has a song featured on the new compilation S&S Presents: Dreams, out now on Cascine.  Our track “Finland” was created for the website Stadiums & Shrines and their series Dreams, in which a musical artist writes a song inspired by a collage of a place, which is then given accompanying text.  The double-LP compilation contains a bound book of each collage and text, with original compositions from Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Bing & Ruth, Yumi Zouma, Julie Byrne, and many more.  To learn more, read this interview with the duo behind S&S on the FADER, and pick up a copy of this beautiful record from Cascine now.

My group Eaters are featured on Dreams, the new compilation by Stadiums & Shrines and Cascine, featuring original music by Bing & Ruth, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Julie Byrne, Yumi Zouma, Mutual Benefit and more. The deluxe 2LP set comes in a gatefold jacket with a 20-page booklet of original collage and prose stitched to the interior. Visit The FADER  to read about the project and hear Yumi Zouma’s contribution.  Pre-order is available now, and the compilation is due June 15 via Cascine.