NYC celestial shoegazers Lightning Bug have signed to Fat Possum to reissue their most recent record October Song.  I mastered this (which received an 8.0 on Pitchfork) and their debut Floaters (which NME ranked among the best debuts of the year), and am thrilled for this beautiful nugget to find a wider audience.  October Song is available now on LP through Fat Possum.

Public Practice – the NYC dance-punk quartet featuring members of WALL and Beverly – return with a new single from their debut full-length Gentle Grip.  “My Head” – which premiered on Stereogum – is a disco-rooted earworm, and features a video by Studio JojoBrooklyn Vegan also featured the track, along with music/book recommendations from the band.  “My Head” is one of the songs I co-produced/recorded and mixed on Gentle Grip, and of my favorite songs on the album (which was mastered by Joe LaPorta at Sterling Sound).  Check it out now, and pre-order the album, which comes out May 15 (digital)/June 26 (physical) via Wharf Cat Records.

NYC country weirdo Dougie Poole is back with the brand-new single “Vaping On The Job,” which premiered today on The FADER.  It’s the first puff of his upcoming sophomore LP The Freelancer’s Blues, which I produced/recorded/mixed at Studio Windows in Brooklyn.  Dougie and I conceived of doing a record like this – more band-oriented and relatively “hi-fi” but keeping all of the “Dougie Poolisms” intact – shortly after completing mixing for his debut Wideass Highway.  It was a long road from conception to completion, but the hard work shines across the album, from the earnest-yet-hilarious lyrics and spirited performances, to the intricate and other-worldly arrangements, to the final mix & presentation.  I’m truly proud of this record, and thrilled to be able to share a bit of it today!

The Freelancer’s Blues is out June 12 via Wharf Cat Records (home of Gong Gong Gong, Public Practice, P.E. and other family faves).  Check out the song & article on the FADER, and take some time to revisit Wideass Highway while you’re at it – “Don’t You Think I’m Funny Anymore” is a stone-cold classic.

Montreal art-rock quintet Pottery have postponed the release of their debut LP, but here’s a new single to tide us over, courtesy of Stereogum.  “Hot Like Jungle” is the final track on Welcome To Bobby’s Motel (which I produced, recording at Breakglass in Montreal & mixing at Studio Windows in Brooklyn), and it was also the last song we worked out for the album.  What started as a goofy dance-popper ended up being the most genuinely touching moment on the whole album, and was tracked in about three takes after figuring out the direction for the song in the studio.  The hand-drawn animated video was created by the band’s drummer Paul Jacobs, who also did the album’s bizarro art as well as the previous videos for “Texas Drums” and “Take Your Time.”

Welcome To Bobby’s Motel is now out June 26 via Partisan Records/Royal Mountain.  If you need more Pottery NOW, check out their recent interviews in DIY Mag and So Young.  Also recommended: Paul Jacobs’ wealth of solo material over at Bandcamp!

Both seasons of Food Party, an absurdist “cooking” show featuring homemade puppets & cardboard sets, are streaming now on!  The series was created by Thu Tran and a group of friends from Cleveland Institute of Art, aired in 2009-2010, and features an incredible crew including editor Dean Fleischer-Camp (creator of Marcel The Shell and the film Fraud) and director John Lee (of Wonder Showzen and Pee Wee’s Big Holiday).  I sound-designed and mixed both seasons (learning so much along the way), and the show and the people behind it were some of the main reasons I moved to NYC.  My personal favorites are “Cannibal Holiday” and the RV episode, but they’re all fun!  Check them out now at

It is a supreme pleasure to have Person, the debut LP from my group P.E., out in the world!  I loved putting together this record with my band mates and how the band has evolved since – genuinely one of the most fun and liberating creative experiences of my career – and it’s humbling to receive such praise for something so out there.

Person was Treble’s Album of the Week and a Bandcamp ‘Essential Release’ of the week.  Loud and Quiet featured both an incredibly insightful article by Isabel Crabtree and an 8/10 review.  Finn of Popbollocks wrote a touching review of the record, praising not only the music but also my personal production/mix work.  Bill Pearis shared our bonus mixtape Sick, Sad, Fun! (a collection of live takes/out-takes/new ideas available with the special edition of the record) on Brooklyn Vegan and put Person is his Indie Basement weekly roundup of notable records.  The group also hung out with Lola Pistola for an afternoon, got some great photographs, and a lovely feature in Alt Citizen.

P.E. is playing our record release show tonight at Trans Pecos before heading down to SXSW in a couple weeks.  We’re also doing two tours in the northeast this May – one with Pottery, and the other with Parquet Courts.  Check out the dates below, stream the record on a platform of your choosing, and order the special edition while their are still tapes available!  Person is out now on Wharf Cat Records.


Montreal art-rock quintet Pottery have a new single called “Take Your Time” taken from their upcoming album Welcome to Bobby’s Motel.  I produced this record last year – recording in Montreal at Breakglass Studio and mixing in Brooklyn at Studio Windows – and am so excited to be able to share another song from the album.  As opposed to lead single “Texas Drums” (which was recently named KEXP’s Song of the Day), this song is a bit more nervy and direct with a sweet & sour verse/chorus structure.  Check it out on Brooklyn Vegan, Stereogum, Paste or others, and don’t miss the truly psyched-out video by the band’s own Paul Jacobs.  Welcome to Bobby’s Motel is out April 10 on Partisan Records.

P.E. – my new group featuring members of Pill & Eaters – released our newest single “Pink Shiver” today.  The track premiered on Flood Magazine, who likened the energy of “Pink Shiver” to Tom Tom Club, and Stereogum describes Veronica as “opening up to the wild terrain of the human body with a humid zeal.”  This song wasn’t really a “song” until the last day together in the studio – it was always just a goof, more of an inside joke than a coherent idea – but it’s become one of my favorite moments on the record.  Also today, Treble Zine posted an interview where we discuss the creation of the band and the upcoming debut LP PersonPerson is out March 6 on Wharf Cat Records, and the band is hitting SXSW in March and the northeast with Pottery in May.  Stream “Pink Shiver” below, check out the tour dates, and pre-order your LP (or special edition LP + Sick, Sad, Fun! mixtape) now!

3/06 – NYC @ Trans Pecos: RECORD RELEASE w/ Gauche, Macula Dog, DJ Montana Simone
3/18 – 3/21 Austin @ SXSW
4/03 – NYC @ Baby’s All Right w/ Activity (Record Release), Noel Heroux
5/04 – Philadelphia @ Johnny Brenda’s w/ Pottery
5/05 – Washington DC @ Songbyrd w/ Pottery
5/06 – NYC @ Elsewhere Zone 1 w/ Pottery
5/08 – Boston @ Great Scott w/ Pottery
5/09 – Montreal @ La Sala Rossa w/ Pottery

NYC punk/groove quartet Public Practice are back with “Compromised”, the new single of their just-announced full-length debut Gentle Grip.  BBC 6 Radio premiered the track, with sites like Paste, Stereogum, Brooklyn Vegan, and NME picking it up in quick succession.  “Compromised” is one of the songs on this album that I co-produced/recorded with the band and mixed at Studio Windows; Joe Laporta mastered the record at Sterling Sound.  I’ve known the members of Public Practice for a while now, and am truly thrilled with the way this record turned out – SO many surprises in store!  Stream the single, watch the video by Josie Keefe & Jonny Campolo (my bandmate in P.E.), and pre-order the record now.  Gentle Grip is out May 15 on Wharf Cat Records.


Tazmanian punkers A. Swayze & The Ghosts return with a new single called “Mess of Me” and a string of North American tour dates.  The song premiered on Beats 1 Radio, and Mixdown Mag called it “an exuberant, punky stomper.”  “Mess of Me” and their previous single “Connect to Consume” are both from an upcoming record produced & recorded by Dean Tuza (Stella Donnelly) in Melboune, which I mixed/mastered it at Studio Windows.  The band will be hitting SXSW and then back in North America in April/May, hopefully playing much more from this new LP.  “Mess of Me” is out now via Ivy League Records.