The Reason For My Love EP – the latest release from my group P.E. – was featured on Pitchfork’s “27 Great Records You May Have Missed: Autumn 2021” list! You can read the lovely review in full below, and head over to Bandcamp to pick up the EP. The Reason For My Love EP is out now on Wharf Cat Records.

Brooklyn-based P.E. don’t merely play the notes on The Reason for My Love as much as they barrel right through them. The quintet refines their post-punk impulses on their 2020 debut Person and transforms them into a body-moving EP. The jittery electronics are still there, but the drum cuts feel sharper and lighter, bringing a sense of structure to what could easily be shapeless. Vocalist Veronica Torres abandons spoken-word and leans fully into singing about poetry, beauty, and the contours of the body. Her lovely vocal stretches fill up the space once occupied by industrial bass drops. Sensuality suits them well. –Kelly Liu

Austin/NYC indie-rock quintet Why Bonnie are back with their new single “Galveston”. The song was picked up by The Fader, Stereogum, and Brooklyn Vegan (among others), and features a video by lead singer/songwriter Blair Howerton and Grace Pendleton. As a fellow native-Houstonian, I immediately gravitated to this song, having spent countless weekends on Galveston Island. “Galveston” is the fuzzy/twangy first taste of a batch of songs we worked on together earlier this year – mixing, additional production & recording, and mastering at Studio Windows – and it’s out now on Fat Possum Records.

Namesake – the Brooklyn-based jangle punk band formerly known as Honduras – are back with their new album Redeeming Features. Following a string of EPs, singles, and the LP Rituals under their previous moniker, Redeeming Features is both a refinement of their previous work and a bold step forward. Stereogum called “I’m Sick” “a revved-up power-pop banger with the reckless energy of a brand-new band”, with Under The Radar and New Noise featuring the group as well. I produced the record with the band, recording pre-pandemic at Outlier Inn (where we had recorded Rituals five years earlier) and mixing/mastering at Studio Windows last year. I’m so proud of the work we did together at each step of the way, and I feel like the joy & excitement of creation really shines through on this one – check it out! Redeeming Features is out now on Get Better Records.

Museum On The Horizon – the latest LP from NYC noise-rock-turned-industrial trio Pop. 1280 – is out now on Profound Lore. Preceded by three wildly different singles and a rush of press on Stereogum and Brooklyn Vegan, the new album finds the group fully embracing their EBM/industrial-dance selves. I co-produced, recorded, and mixed the record with the group at Studio Windows over the winter…. it was one of my first in-person sessions after having to work remotely last year, and we fully dug into the studio process. Every drum machine and synth were synced – resulting in happy accidents and completely bizarre sounds – and we experimented heavily with processing (guitars through synths, synths through amps, everything through something else), resulting in something that feels very LIVE while leaning into the beats & grooves. Josh Bonati mastered Museum On The Horizon, and it’s available digitally and on CD on Bandcamp, and on vinyl direct from the label.

The Reason For My Love is the new EP from my group P.E. (along with Bob Jones of Eaters and former members of Pill Veronica Torres, Ben Jaffe, and Jon Campolo). Featuring three new songs (including the lead single title track) and two remixes (one by Xiu Xiu, the other by us), this collection is inspired by classic 12″ EPs and is designed for the dancefloor. Bill Pearis from Brooklyn Vegan reviewed the EP in this week’s Indie Basement column, saying “the three new songs here are the band’s most song-like creations yet. And best. While still experimental, there is a pop backbone to all three, not to mention an overt danceability.” The Reason For My Love is out now via Wharf Cat Records.

Washington DC-based quirky punk trio BRNDA have released their newest LP Do You Like Salt? Bandcamp heralded it as Album Of The Day, calling it “killer D.C. art punk with a nervy sense of humor, skittering rhythms, and wiry guitars [that] hits all the right notes and the right wrong ones”, and the record found similar fans in Ears To Feed, Flood, Post-Trash, and Alt Citizen. The album was recorded by Justin Moyer at White Oak Studio in D.C., and I mixed & mastered it last year at Studio Windows (Brooklyn, NY). Do You Like Salt? is out now on Crafted Sounds – check it out!

Pop. 1280 return with “Not Too Deep”, the second single from their industrial banger of a record Museum On The Horizon. Stereogum describes it as “a sweaty, clammy synth-punk track with a pulsating electronic beat and a feverish, paranoid vocal” and the band described to Brooklyn Vegan how “it seemed fitting to us to write a dance song in such apocalyptic times.” “Not Too Deep” is one of the undeniable groovers of the record, and showcases the experimental approaches we took with layering and arrangement in the studio while foregrounding the beat and the vocals. I produced, recorded, and mixed Museum On The Horizon with the group at Studio Windows, and it was mastered by Josh Bonati. Check out the video above, previous single “Noncompliant” below, and pre-order the album on BandcampMuseum On The Horizon is out September 24 via Profound Lore.

The Apple Drop – the tenth record from avant-rock shape-shifters Liars – is out now. The LP has already garnered rave reviews from the likes of NME (“their most refined, accessible record yet”), Allmusic (“audacious, ambitious”), Pitchfork (“the best thing Andrew has done in at least a decade”), Bandcamp Daily (Album Of The Day – “a release as cathartic as a comeback and as exciting as a debut, a paradoxical reminder of how special this utterly strange band is”), The Quietus (“a beautiful, weird, heartfelt and uncanny album”), Brooklyn Vegan (Album Of The Week – “almost like all eras of Liars existing at once, a bit of sonic string theory that is immensely satisfying”), and Loud & Quiet (“one of the most compelling bodies of work in modern music”).

The Apple Drop was recorded at Oceanic Studio with Laurence Pike and Cameron Dyell, and at home by Angus Andrew (with lyrical contributions from Mary Pearson Andrew of High Places); I mixed the record and did additional production at Studio Windows; and it was mastered by Lachlan Carrick at Moose Mastering. I am incredibly proud of this record – it’s certainly some of my best work, and I think some of the band’s too. For even more about the record, check out these interviews in Rolling Stone and Stereogum, and the live performance they shot at Phoenix Central Park in Sydney. The Apple Drop is out now via MUTE Records.

Tokyo-based bedroom-dream-pop artist Nana Yamato is back with Before Sunrise (In Tokyo). The album is filled with alternate mixes and new (mostly acoustic) versions of songs from her debut album Before Sunrise. I mixed/re-mixed and mastered the songs earlier this year at Studio Windows, revisiting our work from the original and twisting the songs into new-yet-complimentary shapes. The physical copies sold out in eight minutes(!!), but you can download the album in full from Big Love Records’ Bandcamp page, and check out some videos below. Before Sunrise (In Tokyo) is out now on Big Love Records, (and a little bird told me that the US version of the original will be back in print soon).