NYC-based art-pop weirdos Foyer Red are back with a new song “Flipper”. After turning a lot of heads last year with their debut EP Zigzag Wombat, this new track was featured on Paste (“the band somehow manage to outdo themselves”), Under The Radar (“one of the most promising and entertaining new voices in indie rock”), Stereogum (“sweetly manic”), and others. “Flipper” is the first of a batch of new songs I worked on with the group, recording at Living Rooms Studio and mixing/mastering at Studio Windows. If you’ve seen Foyer Red live, you’ll know that this group is really coming into their own, and this is just a taste of what’s to come. “Flipper” is out now!

LIARS is back with a brand-new remix of “My Pulse To Ponder” by my group P.E.! Brooklyn Vegan premiered the remix, writing “P.E. have turned it into a saxy, skronky club track that is basically a whole new, awesome song.” Check out the statements from Angus and me & Jonny Campolo, the video (by Jonny C), and pick it up over at Bandcamp. The Apple Drop is out now on MUTE Records.

Angus Andrew of LIARS – “I’d classify ‘My Pulse To Ponder’ as the zaniest track from The Apple Drop so it felt apt to hand it over to the happiest band I know – P.E. Jonathan Schenke, as part of his day job, mixed The Apple Drop and so already had deep insight into the song’s inner workings. In fact, while mixing ‘My Pulse To Ponder’, JS had wielded significant influence by encouraging me to push this song further to its extreme – at which point a horn section was added.”

P.E. – “One of the recurring conversations between Angus and members of P.E. has been about how affable people get known for making ‘dark’ music, and ways to bring ‘fun’ into the mix without sounding too corny. With the ‘I Gotcha!’ remix of ‘My Pulse To Ponder’, we scavenged samples from the original and reshaped them into something completely different, a Frankenstein-ed banger built from two different directions. Staying true to the maximalist palette of The Apple Drop, we dubbed, scrubbed, washed and dried ‘My Pulse To Ponder’ until it resembled both of our worlds, like looking through a kaleidoscope at both bands. As the single artwork suggests, the song sounds like peeling back LIARS to reveal the sneaky shock of P.E. freaking out behind the curtain.”

The Leather Lemon – the second full-length album from my experimental electronic-pop group P.E. – is out now on Wharf Cat Records. The record was Album Of The Week on Treble Zine and at Big Love Records (in Tokyo), and it received a glowing review from Bill Pearis on Brooklyn Vegan (“their best record yet… the production is wilder, the hooks are bigger, and everything feels more confident.”). I also did a Talkhouse interview with Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu, and our singer Veronica Torres was profiled on Audiofemme. I am so proud of this album – from both creative and professional standpoints, it’s simply one of the best records that I’ve ever had a hand in making. Pink, teal, and black LPs are available at record shops worldwide! The Leather Lemon is out now via Wharf Cat Records.

“Contradiction Of Wants” is the final single from The Leather Lemon, the new record from my group P.E. Sharp-eared and detail-oriented listeners alike may recognize the seeds of “Contradiction Of Wants” from the Sick, Sad, Fun! mixtape we released with our debut LP Person. What started as a practice-space jam became an explosion of sound in its studio form, and yet another example of why you should always be recording. We’re throwing a record release show in NYC at Union Pool on March 23 with Pop 1280 and DJ A. Savageget yr tix here! The Leather Lemon is out March 25 via Wharf Cat Records.

Absolute Purity – an experimental pop group from Shanghai, China – have just released their Angus Andrew (Liars) produced LP We Fought Over The Moon. The original plan was for Angus and I to fly to China to record with the group for a week in early 2020, but those plans were scrapped with the outbreak of Covid. Instead, this album became a year-long international remote endeavor: Angus & the band worked out song arrangements between Australia and China, the band tracked the songs in Guangzhou with Yang Fan (who has also worked with Gong Gong Gong), I mixed at Studio Windows in Brooklyn, and Lachlan Carrick mastered it at Moose Mastering in Melbourne. These songs truly took on a life of their own, and it’s exciting to be able to share them with the world! We Fought Over The Moon is out now on Ruby Eyes Records.

Brooklyn art-punk quartet Grim Streaker have returned with MIND. The band had been a live favorite of mine for years, and this EP stretches into more groove/electronic-based territory while retaining the demented energy that always made them such a treat. MIND was recorded at Diamond City Studio and mixed/mastered at Studio Windows in fits & spurts between Fall 2020 and Summer 2021. Check out the video for the title track, and swing over to Bandcamp to buy the EP in full. MIND is out now via Mothland.

Fat Of A Broken Heart – the debut album by Brooklyn post-punk buzz band Catcher – is out today. Hyped by NME as an “Essential Emerging Artist” and “shit-hot”, this self-produced collection of songs was recorded live in their basement by Nando Dale of Been Stellar, and was mixed & mastered at Studio Windows. The group has been ripping up stages around the city, and this album captures that wild abandon in all its noisy glory. RIYL: The Birthday Party, Iceage, Bambara. Fat Of A Broken Heart is out now on Bandcamp.

My group P.E. is back with the new single “Tears In The Rain”, co-written and featuring A. Savage of Parquet Courts. Rolling Stone premiered the track, calling it “the perfect soundtrack for a neo-noir”, and it was featured in Stereogum, Under The Radar, and Brooklyn Vegan. Andrew’s been a part of the P.E. family since before the band began – he put out records by both Pill and Eaters on his label Dull Tools, both bands played with Parquet Courts, and I’ve worked on many Parquet Courts records over the years. This song – built around a sample of Jonny Campolo at the piano, and featuring a gorgeous one-take sax solo by Ben Jaffe – was special to us from the beginning, and it was Andrew that helped see it through by writing lyrics for Veronica (and she for him). This is honestly one of my favorite pieces of music I’ve ever worked on, and it was made with some of my closest & long-running collaborators… I hope you enjoy it too. The Leather Lemon is out March 25 via Wharf Cat Records.

P.E. – my group of electronic-pop weirdos – have announced our new album The Leather Lemon and released its first single “Blue Nude (Reclined)”. The Fader premiered the new song, calling it “soft and a little sleazy”, and the track also appeared on Stereogum (“pushing further ahead into the mutated pop side of their sound”), Brooklyn Vegan (“exploring dance music by way of post-punk and no wave”), and Treble’s “Essential Tracks” (“P.E. have some honest-to-god dancefloor bangers in them”). As I wrote in the press release, “This was one of the first songs we wrote for the new record, shortly after settling ourselves mentally and physically around the country. With all of our tour plans scrapped in the initial wave of the pandemic, the five of us decided to put our energies into writing new material for the next record, trading files back and forth in order to shape our new sound. ‘Blue Nude’ quickly became an inspiration for the rest of The Leather Lemon, something that foregrounded both the song and the sound, as fun as it was abstract.” The Leather Lemon is out March 25 on Wharf Cat Records.

NYC synth punks Operator Music Band are back with the 3-song EP Deep Break. I mixed two new songs (Is This Reason and Invertigo), the third song was tracked with the band that toured behind their excellent album Duo Duo, and I mastered all three tracks at Studio Windows. This is a group that has always shined in the EP format (Coordination is still a personal fave), and this is yet another collection of fun/weird synth groovers. Check out Deep Break (and Duo Duo and Coordination) on their Bandcamp, and also check out L0-Rez, Operator Jared’s FX + Synth company (the Mona Lisa Overdrive pedal and Operator Modular Synth both get regular use at Studio Windows).